Corporate Law

We advise on all aspects of corporate law, namely:

– Company registration in the Commercial Register;

– Registration of changes in company circumstances (change of address and registered office, change of manager, changes in scope of activity, and others);

– Changes in the capital of a company, including through a contribution (non-monetary contribution) of property; increase and decrease of capital;

– Sale and purchase of company shares or any other type of acquisition of company shares;

– Transformation of companies: merger, acquisition, separation, division, change of legal form;

– Declaring beneficial owners of a company;

– Legal advice and assistance in holding general meetings of partners or shareholders (documents, protocols), dispute resolution between directors/shareholders, between them and the company;

– Announcement of annual financial reports, as well as any other document subject to announcement;

– Assistance in the proceedings of liquidation of a legal entity (invitation, termination and deletion);

We offer legal services for the registration of non-profit legal entities, including, but not limited to: associations, foundations, political parties, sports clubs and other types of companies for private or public benefit.

Commercial Deals

We draft commercial contracts and bills of exchange, as well as represent our clients in negotiations till the entering into a contract.

We also provide consultations on the local and international commercial law in respect of the principles of entering into international commercial agreements. Besides, we draft legal analyses on already concluded deals.


We offer our clients full legal assistance and representation for insolvent or over-indebted companies, as well as for creditors of such companies, whose claims should be filed and protected in the context of bankruptcy proceedings.


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Grand Trade Center, 4th floor, office № 14

4000 Plovdiv, Bulgaria

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