Part of our team are persons – certified sworn translators, authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to translate documents and other documents from Bulgarian to French and from French to Bulgarian on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria in accordance with the Regulations for legalizations, certifications, and translations of documents and other papers.

Our team carries out translations of legal documents from Bulgarian to French and vice versa, as well as notarization of translations needed by both companies and private individuals.

Legal translation (of legal texts) is a specialized type of translation as it requires knowledge of specific legal terminology. The translation of legal documentation is distinguished by the need for knowledge of specific specifics of the legal system in at least two different countries – the one from which the document was issued and the one for which the translation is intended, respectively, there is a need to know the legal systems at the same time in the source country and the target language. This is necessary because each legal system has its own terminology.

In view of the legal expertise that our team possesses, we guarantee the accuracy, unequivocal interpretation, and high quality in the translation of specialized legal documentation.

Among the legal texts, we often translate are:
– european regulations and directives;
– laws and bylaws;
– various types of contracts and annexes;
– agreements;
– notarial acts;
– judicial acts;
– requests, complaints, statements, etc.;
-tender documentation;
– business and commercial-legal correspondence.

When performing specialized legal translations, we observe an extremely high degree of confidentiality of the information provided, due to the content of sensitive data in legal documents – both personal and company.

Being aware of the extreme importance of meeting the agreed deadlines for the legal translation of the documents provided to us, we guarantee that the translations will be delivered on time.

How much does it cost and how long does it take to translate legal documents?

The specialized translation of legal documents can be done in three-time ranges: standard order, quick order, and express order.

The prices for performing legal translations are as follows:

Standard order – 3 working days – BGN 17 per page.

Quick order – 2 working days – BGN 21 per page.

Express order – 24 hours – BGN 26 per page.

* The above final translation prices are calculated based on one translation page (1800 characters of the translated text with spaces). The number of physical pages of the document may not correspond to the number of translation pages.


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