Each construction project works undergo various development phases. Our firm offers our clients full legal assistance from the moment of choosing a land plot, acquiring the property, and obtaining all permits, until the end of the construction process and the sale of the constructed separate units.


Among the services offered in the named field are the following ones:


– Real estate analysis of the property (check for legal burdens over the property; checks on the urban planning status; check for some potential issues as the issuance of a building permit and the commissioning of the future building);

– Legal framework preparation and consultancy in all phases of investment projects planning and realization (residential, commercial, industrial complexes and / or infrastructure projects);


– Representation of the clients in the procedures for approval of a detailed development plan, issuing a design visa, building permit, putting a building into operation;


– Preparation of contracts related to the process of building construction (construction contracts, project management contracts; contracts for services related to ensuring the connection of the future building with the city’s water and electricity grid; construction supervision contracts; contracts with the architect for the assignment of the architectural designs of the future building and the accompanying documentation, and others);


– Assistance in the preparation and obtaining of all documents necessary for the sale of the newly-built properties;


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