Family and inheritance law

Family law


Our law firm can assist you in any matter in the field of Family Law. Among the services we offer, there are:


– Drafting a marriage contract;

– Preparation of a statement of claim and representation before the court in divorce proceedings;

– Out-of-court and during court proceedings representation on issues related to payment of child support , in cases of non-payment of child support  or in proceedings for changing the amount of child support  awarded with a previous decision;

– Out-of-court and during court proceedings representation on matters, related to the regime of contact between parent and child and the exercising of parental rights;

– Consulting and assistance in proceedings for restriction/deprivation of parental rights;

– Consulting and assistance in obtaining permission for performing legal actions with property or for performing actions with cash amounts on the bank account in the name of a child under the age of 18. 


Inheritance law


We assist and advise our clients on all cases related to the inheritance law:

  • Inspection and a detailed search for local property of the deceased (we collect information about the real property, the shares in local companies,  in bank accounts, motor vehicles and movable property);
  • We provide the heirs with duplicates of death certificates and certificates of heirs in Bulgaria;
  • Determination of inheritance quotas;
  • Drawing up a will;
  • Voluntary or judicial division of inheritance (we can prepare and file claims for inheritance and inheritance shares before the local courts in disputes about a surviving part of the inheritance; contesting wills; in disputes about donations made by the testator, etc.);
  • Restoration of a preserved part;
  • Abandonment of inheritance;
  • Inventory inheritance, and others.


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